Your roof is kind of a big deal, and when something happens to that roof, you need a go-to source for residential roof repairs. Otherwise, you’re just sitting there with a big ‘ol hole in your home, just waiting for the elements to come in.  If your roof gets damaged in any way, it’s critical you respond to the damage immediately. Otherwise, the destruction can quickly mount. What started as a small issue can become an enormous check to write in just a few days. If that’s your goal, have fun!


Why Does Your Roof Integrity Matter So Much?


So just why should you care so much about your roof’s structural integrity? Aside from the fact that humans have been living with roofs for thousands of years and we just kind of expect to have one over our heads, there are plenty of other reasons as well.  When your roof isn’t sound, you invite in moisture and rain. This can damage structures in your home, necessitating costly repairs. Even a small hole that allows moisture into the home can ruin electronics and upholstery. It can damage paint, destroy carpets and within a few days, warp wooden furniture. Your appliances, outlets and other amenities all suffer as well. No, thank you.


What Can Damage a Roof?


Your roof, while tough, is not invincible. Roofs can become damaged by:

● High winds, heavy ice or strong hail
● Falling tree branches or trees
● Heavy debris in hurricanes or tornados
● Pests that chew or dig into the roof
● Age, if moss or other buildup holds onto moisture and it soaks into the roof

No matter what causes the problem, it is equally necessary to get the fix right away. That’s where professional help comes in.


Get Residential Roof Repairs from the Pros


Whether your repair job is big or small, we’re here to help. We can replace shingles, re-flash chimneys, repair skylights and more. If the damage is severe, we can put emergency measures in place, so your home stays safe while we perform more extensive fixes. No matter what, we’ll get your home back where it needs to be in no time.